A Rundown of Ishida Mitsunari

Ishida Mitsunari’s birth place was Ishida, in a certain province called Omi and his father was Ishida Masatsugu. In 1578, he was employed to serve the “Hashiba (Toyotomi) Hideyoshi” service in part because of his strong cultural reputation. As he conducted military services in several areas including Shizugatake, his main responsibility was to act as an administrator. This person collected a fief of about 200000 koku and Sawayama Castle found in the province he was born, was later handed over to him. Many individuals didn’t like him and did everything just to distract him and his work. All this was somehow because of his “civilian” status and at times due to the power and skills he wielded as he worked with the government of Toyotomi. He gave out a number of orders/instructions in the name of Hideyoshi and many at times acted as his talisman. He was later transferred to Korea as the inspector of forces during the second political campaigns back in 1597. The more he continued executing his responsibilities, the more he gained haters from both sides of Kuroda Yoshitaka as well as Kobayakawa Hideaki, who were reported by Ishida for their gross misconduct.

He was among the five commissioners named in the year 1598 whose work was to make sure that the civil relations of the entire realm as Hideyori continued being old as time went by. Sometimes as he continued working, he remained out-spoken and tactless even though he contained huge support to face Tokugawa Ieyasu who was one of the greatest and toughest Regents. He complained at some point that Ieyasu was doing nothing else than derailing the legacy and efforts of Taiko together with his final wishes. At the same time, Leyasu responded by branding Mistunari as a notorious schemer. As he was doing this, Mitsunari never gave in and in 1599, he resolved to try and assassinate Ieyasu by all means. However, he survived death that time when he encountered some Tokugawa loyalists.

After getting much support from Mori Terumoto, Uesugi Kagakatsu and Ukita Hideie (who were all Regents by 1600) Mitsunari organized a group of individuals from the west areas of Japan for a rally against the famous Tokugawa Ieyasu. Among the first things he did was to take the Tokugawa followers’ wives as hostages whom at that time resided in Osaka Japan during the Sengoku Jidai in Japan. In August 22nd the same year, political campaigns kicked off. In Mitsunari’s lead-up towards the climatic race, he exchanged ideas with Mori Terumoto and branded the single-hearted king of the Mori nominal instructor of forces from the west. Challenged by the reluctance from Terumoto, Mistunari requested him to protect Hideyori right at the castle of Osaka.

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